Partnership with Sourcing House since: 2020
Category: Clothing (baby, kids, ladies, men's), Home Textiles
Certificates and standards: GOTS and Fairtrade
Quantity minimum: 300 - 500

Ram's factory was established in 2011 and specializes in baby, children's, women's and men's clothing in certified fair trade and organic qualities. They are skilled at knitting both clothing and home textiles. Ram and his team have always been supporters of sustainable practices. They have planted 600 trees around their invoice building, insured all their employees and pay 50% of the school fee for the employee's children. In and around the factory, solar cells have been installed. Their future goal is to continue their work with the local environment, and in this way improve conditions in and around the factory.

What Ram says about working with us:

It is our pleasure to be working with Sourcing house and we look forward to future collaborations."

- Ram



Partnership with Sourcing House since: 2022
Category: Clothing (baby, kids and grownups)
Certificates and standards: GOTS, GRS and OCS
Quantity minimum: 100 - 300

At Jambu's factory you get high quality products that are characterized by more than 15 years of experience. Jambu specializes in jersey and sweat for baby, children's, women's and men's clothing.

Jambu works closely with 3600 small, small, organic tribal farmers in the rain-fed region of Telangana. This makes him particularly unique with the aim of improving farmers' livelihoods and developing a more sustainable society. Jambu has formed a socially compliant factory with the above certifications.

What Jambu says about working with us:

"Working with like-minded people is always a great comfort, especially when it comes to sustainable cooperation towards social welfare. We feel good and feel that we have succeeded as a sustainable producer"

- Jambukeswaran 


Partnership with Sourcing House since: 2006
Category: Clothing (baby, kids, ladies, men's)
Certificates and standards: GOTS, Oekotex, BSCI

Quantity minimum: 500

Pradeep was established in 1985 with their wet processing, and has since developed their family business with, among other things. Pradeep's factory, which specializes in baby, children's, women's and men's clothing in organic qualities. The factory's employees have worked there for many years, and Pradeep has a mission to become the go-to supplier in South India for "eco-friendly and quality readymade garments with our honest nature". In collaboration with Sourcing House, Pradeep has worked with his use of organic fabrics and their future goal is that the entire factory is supplied with 100% renewable energy in the form of solar cells.

What Pradeep says about working with us:

We love working with Sourcing House because we get a family relationship feel with them and

they are very honest and transparent which gives us a secured feel in our business.

   Sourcing House is more concerned about ecology and thus they look more for eco friendly products." 




Partnership with Sourcing House since: 2019
innerwear and t-shirts

Certificates and standards: GOTS , GRS , SEDEX , WRAP

Quantity minimum: 1500

Kathir's factory was established in 2006 and specializes in underwear and active wear in organic and recycled qualities. They work with jersey qualities, and have developed a quality where 12 plastic bottles turn into a running T-shirt. Kathir is constantly working to develop his business within sustainability and circularity, where he would like to work with a take-back model. Kathir is proud to report that his staff consists of 90% women, with whom he creates good and healthy working conditions.

What Kathir says about working with us:

"It an honor and always our pride working with Sourcing House who are known for their Ethical sourcing and Long term relationship with vendors and customers."

- Kathir