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CSR Consulting

Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility

Do you need help with your CSR strategy or circular conversion?

We offer consultancy and strategy courses with a focus on laying the foundations for your overall CSR efforts. We work with a circular perspective, so that you are best equipped to follow developments in the market, where the company's responsibility will increasingly apply to larger parts of the value chain.


We help you identify where to start, what to consider (opportunities/risks) and how to follow up.


Together we delve into your impact, risks and opportunities. We develop strategies that are linked to the core of your business and accompanying action and implementation plans, so that you reach the goals you have set.

Have you considered which certifications support your brand/concept?

We can help you through the application process or take care of it for you, as well as teachin how you implement the certifications. We can also prepare a process, material and trim guide that makes everyday life easier when you have been certified, or are on your way to becoming so. And should you want a workshop with a review of everything from product, process and requirements, we are of course also available for this.

Do you lack sparring for your material strategy?

We know that many questions can arise when working with your material strategy, preparingapply for certification or are otherwise undergoing conversion. Therefore, we offer continuous sparring and clarification of concepts and facts within the aforementioned areas of advice. Call when questions arise and we will help answer them.



All relationships with customers,suppliers and each other must be based on trust


Objectives and action plans must be realistic, achievable and credible


We embrace honesty when it is there, and this is a prerequisite for trust

Our values


For each other, the environment and people. Respect for different starting points and the interests and competences of others


The parties must be motivated, not dictated,for a joint better effort


Development and new knowledge. We seize opportunities and act on them

Supplier Partnerships

Production Management & Suppliers

Do you need help with materials, strategies, contracts or certifications?

We offer advice on everything from materials, certifications and CSR efforts to supplier collaborations and business planning. We are also happy to help with the drafting of documents and contracts, guidelines for use in certifications or upgrading of internal procedures and standards (for example Code of Conduct, risk assessment and packaging guideline).

Do you have a design or concept that you would like help to produce?

We help you make your idea a reality - from sourcing to finished product. At our first meeting, we agree how we will carry out the task and tailor a package that suits your needs. We can help with clothing as well as home textiles.

Do you need a supplier for your production?

We match your requirements and expectations for quality, production size and certifications with our range of supplier options and agree on the need for our presence.


The House

Our History & Competencies

Sourcing House is founded in a desire to promote and show the way for a more responsible and sustainable textile production through present, ambitious and equal partnerships.

At Sourcing House, since the early beginnings in 2004, we have worked for a textile industry that places social as well as environmental responsibility at the centre.

We work broadly within textiles with advice and production solutions, both clothing and home accessories. Through consultancy, production management and supplier collaboration, we seek to motivate and create lasting change for our customers - large and small.

Whether you need advice regarding materials, certifications, waste minimization, circular business models, the UN's Global Goals, international standards, or need help finding the right supplier for your production, we are ready to help you way.

We believe that we can only talk about sustainable production when we help eachother and do it together.

In our supplier partnerships, we work with certifications and standards that reduce the environmental impact and ensure social conditions within textile production, including GOTS, GRS and SA8000. All our suppliers, large and small, also go through our self-assessment on an ongoing basis, and the dialogue with them forms the basis of our advice and our own internal processes. We believe that mutual understanding and respect require the most sustainable collaborations.




If you would like to know more about how Sourcing House ApS can help your company, we look forward to hearing from you


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