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The SDG's

Do you need an internationally recognized tool and language for your sustainable efforts?

With the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, a common global framework has been created for how we can work with sustainable development. The 17 different goals and associated sub-goals can concretize the work with sustainability and inspire action.

With many years of own efforts for the SDGs and not least a SDG ambassador in house, we can help with how the SDGs can be implemented so that it creates value for you.

We organise the advice according to your needs.

Basically, we offer two different formats depending on where you stand in the green transition and how thoroughly you want to go about it.

1.SDG workshop

We help you kickstart the work with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals through a half-day workshop. First and foremost, you will be equipped in what the SDGs are and how to use them in your business. You will break ground for your work with the goals through a series of exercises that ensure that you map, prioritize and concretize your current and future efforts on individual or multiple goals.

2.SDG course

We develop a course that suits you, centered on a series of workshops. The process starts with us working with you to prepare a value chain analysis that maps all your activities. We do this to get the best possible basis for further work with the SDGs and your other CSR strategy. Next, we start the SDG process by mapping your current and future efforts on the 17 goals. The efforts are subsequently prioritized and concretized, so we ensure that you are well on your way to your further work with the goals of the company.

Whether you choose a single workshop or a course, you are left with a visual mapping of your efforts on the goals, you get selected and justified the most relevant goals for you and concretized your efforts on each selected goal.

Contact our SDG ambassador Camilla Egeberg Rasmussen to start your SDG project today!

SDG ambassador and CSR specialist

... with a focus on advice and development within green transition, as well as working purposefully with the SDGs.

Responsible for

... advising companies on certifications, SDGs and B-Corp

Background in

... sustainable design, SDGs and sourcing.


CSR Specialist

Tlf.: +45 2713 8301