Due diligence for responsible business conduct

Does your company also face the challenge of documenting how you take responsibility?
Then due diligence may be the solution you have been missing.

Awareness of due diligence and responsible business conduct is growing rapidly across industries. Many companies are met with increased demands and expectations that they are run responsibly and can document their efforts for responsible business conduct. The upcoming EU legislation on due diligence is expected not only to be relevant for large companies, but also to affect the requirements imposed on smaller companies.


Implementing due diligence can meet these requirements and create a solid foundation for the business to be run responsibly. An essential part of being a responsible company is to work systematically to prevent, avoid and manage negative impacts on people, the environment, climate and biodiversity. Having effective and effective due diligence processes in place can not only help companies operate responsibly, but also help make important business decisions – such as choosing new business areas, partnerships and products.

Due diligence also called due diligence for sustainability
is based on a set of internationally recognised guidelines for:
how companies act responsibly.

It is a process in which the company works systematically
identifying, preventing, reducing and communicating;
their existing and potential negative impacts;
on people, environment and society.

Sourcing House is among Denmark's most experienced in practice-oriented due diligence and, together with the consultancy company Impact CSR, has been selected to upgrade the Danish Business Houses' business developers in due diligence and develop the pilot project Future Textile Requirements - OECD under the Lifestyle & Design Cluster. Common to the projects is that the purpose has been to make due diligence easier to access and anchor in practice. And it is precisely this practice-oriented approach that has excited the participants from the previous courses:

"Previous due diligence courses have made it very complex. Now I finally understand what due diligence is and how it creates value." Allan Sarup, Soulland

"The process has taught us that it is actually possible to work with the guidelines because they have been broken down into individual steps. Really good!" Lena Trend, Coze Aarhus A/S

Our due diligence advisory process gives your company an overview of the company's impact throughout the value chain and a method to manage the risks associated with your existing processes and practices. This gives you a solid basis for complying with future legislation and communicating transparently about the company's work with sustainability.

We have developed a unique format that will be tailored to your company's needs. The course consists of a combination of counselling sessions, workshops and homework in the company, where you get the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of applying the tools and methods in practice.

"Previous courses in
Due diligence has made it very complex.

Now I finally understand what due diligence is
and how it creates value"

Allan Sarup,


"The course has taught us, that it is actually possible to work with the guidelines, because they have become broken down into individual steps.

Really good!"

Lena Trend,
Coze Aarhus A/S

With our due diligence process, your company gets:

An internationally recognised approach to responsible business practices

Experience with what due diligence means in practice

A solid basis for meeting future legislation and external requirements

An overview of the company's impact and risks throughout the value chain

A method to manage the company's negative impact, linked to your existing processes and practices

A foundation for communicating transparently about the company's work with responsibility and sustainability

Internal anchoring of the company's work with responsibility across the organization

Does this sound like something for your company?

Contact house due diligence expert Silk today!

Get started with the due diligence process

At Sourcing House, we have developed tools that make the work of due diligence tangible.

We use and introduce these tools in our consulting process, but you can also freely access the materials by contacting our due diligence specialist, Silke Sønderstrup-Granquist. Send her an email, and she will provide you with the tools.


The tools you will have access to include:


Template for Commitment Agreement

The first step in a due diligence process is for your company to commit in writing to integrating sustainability due diligence work. You can customize the template to fit your company's specific needs.


Supplier Mapping Template

In the second step of the due diligence process, you need to conduct a risk assessment of the areas where your company and value chain may have negative impacts on people, the environment, and society. Start by mapping your business, including suppliers and partners.


Risk Assessment Tool

The risk assessment is essential for your due diligence process. The "Risk Assessment Tool" template helps you make the risk assessment manageable and provides an overview to prioritize risks in the value chain.


Our due diligence tools are so effective that business developers across the country, including those from Danmarks Erhvervshuse, use them in their daily work. Erhvervsstyrelsen also acknowledges the tools we have developed. Therefore, you can also access the above templates on the website Virksomhedsguiden.  


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