B CORP Certification

Do you want a certification that can encompass your entire sustainability profile and show all aspects of your efforts to be a responsible company? And at the same time become part of a community of like-minded responsible companies? Then B Corp might be for you.


Certified B Corporations, also called B Corps, are companies verified by the so-called B Lab to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Thus, B Corp is a corporate certification, unlike the many product certifications that are out there.

B Corp is also a movement that wants to redefine success in business, where companies strive to be best for the world, rather than in the world.


We help companies become part of the B Corp movement and achieve the "stamp" of Certified B Corporation. A standard and a process that requires ambitious efforts.

With two talented B Leaders in house, we are ready to support you in the process and guide you through the certification and the associated B Impact Assessment, which assesses your efforts within the five different areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. This is done based on a number of questions about everything from your management structure, environmental, climate and social impact, to the way you involve your customers.

We help you with:

  • Uncover what B Corp holds of potential for your company

  • Link your strategy, purpose and business with the B Corp certification

  • We organize the process so that you get the best basis for achieving the minimum score of 80 points

  • You will safely and thoroughly get through the five impact areas of the certification

  • Uncover the potential for how you through your business model support sustainable development

  • You will document all answers correctly and are equipped to press "submit for certification"

Silke Sønderstrup-Granquist + rådgiver + B Leader


Head of CSR

Tlf.: +45 2763 9908

Mail: silke@sourcing-house.com


Camilla  Egeberg Rasmussen + rådgiver + B Leader


CSR Specialist

Tlf.: +45 2713 8301

Mail: camilla@sourcing-house.com


Like our other services, our B Corp process is tailored to the individual company. We have run both short and intense courses, as well as longer and more unfolding courses. Whatever suits you, your deadline, need for development of documentation and wishes to use the process for further development.

No matter which course you choose, we always make sure to equip you internally in the company so that the relevant employees are brought into play and become ambassadors for the project, take ownership of the tasks and spread the agenda throughout all parts of the company.

Even if you do not want to be certified, B Impact Assessment is a recommendable CSR tool that we are happy to guide you through.

Are you ready to start the B Corp certification or just curious about the potential of B Corp? Then get in touch with our two skilled advisors and B Leaders Silke and Camilla.