Self-assessment Questionnaire, SAQ


At Sourcing House, our suppliers conduct annual self-assessments so that we can help them identify potential challenges and drive change.

In addition to mapping information about the supplier's specific social and safety considerations, certification processes, efforts in relation to waste minimization or reduction of energy and water consumption, we also use self-assessments to ask about suppliers' understanding of and efforts in accordance with the SDGs.

In this way, suppliers also get a tool to improve and communicate their work - and for you, as a customer, it means that you have access to suppliers who already work from and in accordance with the international regulations for best practice.

In addition to our self-assessments, we are in close and continuous contact with our suppliers through digital meetings and physical production visits.

We review our suppliers' responses together with each of them. All responses are also collected in an annual report, in which we can follow the suppliers' development year by year.

If you want to gain insight into a specific self-assessment from one of our suppliers, you are very welcome to contact Textile and Production Specialist Frederikke Schrøder.

Strong material and sustainable fashion knowledge

... with focus on development and production together with our customers

Responsible for

... our clothing customers in both the adult and children's universe

Background in

... purchasing, supplier communication, sourcing, sustainable and circular design


Textile & Production Specialist


Tlf.: +45 2763 6424